WWWOcean Technologies (W3Ocean)

is an innovative and reputable local company. Established and staff with a team of highly qualified and experienced IT experts working together with a highly trained team of developers, W3Ocean is set to provide solutions to private organizations and the public sector including government agencies, schools and tertiary institutions and health-care bodies.

W3Ocean since its founding has evolved into a company providing end to end IT solutions that specialize in content management, knowledge management, enterprise dashboard, enterprise integration and includes customized application development and implementation.  W3Ocean is able to offer solutions in PHP, Java platform (JEE) as well as in the Microsoft platform (.NET).

Building on the success of our IT solutions, W3Ocean expands into other segments of the IT industry. W3Ocean expansion's philosophy emphasized on leveraging and tapping existing strength, knowledge and experience so as to have a solid foundation to start with, W3Ocean has since included the following into its operations portfolio. They are system & network infrastructure, consultancy services, project management services and application services.

W3Ocean portfolio of consultancy services is Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Strategic IT Business Planning, Business Continuity Services and others. In the field of BPR, we provide services on improving business processes in a competitive market. As for Strategic IT Business Planning, we provide services on the alignment of IT to your business needs. Business Continuity Services is how an organization approach unplanned business interruptions.

Business Domain Expertise
In all our offerings, W3Ocean will have the business domain experts in place to ensure the solution to be implemented meets and if not exceed the requirements of the business needs. In addition, the business domain experts must be able to provide mapping of requirements to processes leading to the solution offered giving the desired objectives as required. Our pool of business domain experts consist of people, having work and accumulated many years of experience in that area of specialization.

W3Ocean has become a strong local IT company that specialises in high quality and cost-effective Enterprise Information Management Systems. It embeds or retrofits software that enables an organisation to have custom-made applications connectivity and use business intelligence. Our custom-made content management system adds value to a client organisation: it accelerates administrative or business processes by streamlining the stages of content/document retrieval.

W3Ocean also offers system solution components, related professional services, scanning conversion and bureau services.  It is well positioned to meet the demands of the open system by its strong commitment to embrace established and evolving industry standards and protocols for information, content and image management.

W3Ocean Approach
Our goal is to custom-fit off-the-shelf solution that improves our customers’ information management processes.  We study our customers’ operational challenges. We help our customers in producing courses of actions to overcome the challenges by working together as partners.

We work with our customers to develop a set of planned and detailed specifications. We will then build the application using an interactive development (or the spiral approach) process, which is fitted in tandem with the Joint Application Development (JAD). With Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, we review the progress together with our customers and refine the process based on their feedbacks.